January 9th, 2014


This week’s Crush of the Week is Los Angeles’ own CHERRY GLAZERR.

Making sweet garage pop and hailing from LA are only two of the reasons to fall in love with this quartet. Everything about this band makes me wish I was in high school again so I could discover them through the eyes of a teenager and feel that rush of anticipation in seeing them play in my friends basement. Not that I can’t (and don’t) feel that way about them now, but there’s something different between looking up to someone and happening upon something as an old, jaded music industry person.

Cherry Glazerr make hooky and cute garage rock jams finding their sound nestled quite nicely between Cub and Bleached. Not always cute, but not always punk, there is a real charm in the music they make that gets me excited.

With a new record on the way on Burger Records, I suspect these young ladies (and dude) have a big 2014 ahead of them.

Cherry Glazerr – “Whites Not My Color This Evening” Music Video:

Cherry Glazerr – “Trick Or Treat Dance Floor”: