Crush of the Week: Com Truise

April 6th, 2017

Crush of the Week: Com Truise

It takes a lot to melt my binary, cold heart, but Com Truise knows how to push the right buttons and twist the right knobs. He’s always been able to do it. Lurking out of the shadows with a stoic, yet handsome, smirk, fingers on a keyboard and shotgun pointed at my soul. He’s what I wish Tron 2 would have been: Great.

Now, with a new track out and a new record on the way via Ghostly International, my modern day Orson Welles has found his muse again and is headed back our way. It’s no surprise to me to see his saga continue in the same spirit as before, but evolved, as if he’s sending us all the latest software update.

If there is one man to have a snowy adventure with, it’s this one. Despite his characteristically digital charm, there is a sweet warrior underneath. There is no doubt that this next phase will show the world this man I know. Go see for yourself at the tour dates below…