August 6th, 2014



Los Angeles based rapper, DOJA CAT, hit the scene hard this last year making a serious splash and turning heads all while maintaining ‘the chill’, one of her defining traits. Doja is like a summer fantasy. The girl you want to wake up to and she’s already rolled you a joint in the morning. She inspires you to make the breakfast…

Her raps are laid back, relaxed, yet full of sultriness. They exist somewhere between a haze of smoke, a laying on the beach or underneath the bedsheets. It’s a dream world I want to live in. With the release of her debut EP ‘Purrr!‘ you are easily welcomed into that reality, if only it was a personal invite and not just a window into her world.

Production on the EP is great. Standout tracks include ‘So High‘ by Evil Needle and ‘Control‘ by Yeti Beats. Both doing a great job to bookend the musical spectrum of this release.

It may be August, but summer isn’t nearly over yet. If Doja Cat proves anything it’s that there are many fantasies left to be had. Here’s to you, my Crush of the Week.

DOJA CAT – ‘Purrr!‘ EP:

DOJA CAT – ‘So High’ Music Video: