March 20th, 2014


It’s been a few weeks and I apologize for the delay, but as much as musical infatuations hit me, often there are other loves of my life that can swoop in and take over from time to time. This one was less a crush and more daunting ex that goes by the name of SXSW.

I’m happy to be free of that and back in a place where my mind can wander in the corners of musical joy and a longing for pop sensations. This week’s journey has lead me to the doorstep of one miss Elizabeth Rose.

She hails from the land down under (a land that must be made from a magical drug that enchants me at every moment judging by the artists I write about). She makes sweet dance-pop gems that remind me a lot of Nina Cherry with her soulful voice and infectious dance beats. She fits in nicely, not just w the Aussie musical movement of the moment, but I could see her easily sharing the stage with the likes of Major Lazer or Para One.

It’s never JUST the music that does it for me though. Style, Dance Moves, Humor, these all factor into creating the perfect artist for me. Judging from her music videos and other live performances I found online, there’s plenty about this one that highlight all of those qualities. But why take my word for it? Check some out for yourself!

ELIZABETH ROSE – ‘Sensibility‘ Music Video:

ELIZABETH ROSE: “The Good Life” Music Video: