July 8th, 2016

I’m from Bloomington, IN, so I take a certain amount of pride in the music and culture that comes out of my hometown. There are some really wonderful things that happen there from a thriving DIY music scene to international juggernauts like Secretly Canadian. However, I also understand that I have a strong bias towards this stuff so I try not to force it on my friends, but every now and then someone special comes along…


Introducing Erin Tobey! I say ‘introducing’ loosely cuz this isn’t her first album or first band (she played in Abe Froman for the punks out there), but damn did she make a great new record, Middlemaze. Released about a month ago on Let’s Pretend Records, Erin has made that rare small town jump onto the world stage whether she or the rest of the world realizes it or not. I’ve been listening to it non-stop, you should be too.

She lives in the same world as Angel Olsen, Frankie Rose, Mac Demarco, etc but easily stands out on her own lyrically and in vibe. Her voice is sweet, yet mature and there is enough variation on the album to keep you engaged the whole time and curious about what possibilities could lie ahead. There is something about the record that just feels RIGHT.

Being that she’s new and on a small label, there isnt a lot of media to share, but the full record is below. Do yourself a favor and listen of buy. I’ll be sharing with my friends like a rabid sports fan who’s home team is winning.