September 10th, 2014


There are few things that spark up in life that can both connect your pasts and future’s together with a sound. It’s a romantic notion and something to be cherished when you happen upon it. A.G. Cook (and in turn her side project with Sophie, QT) do just that for me and oh man does that make this one intense crush!

I spent my high school years growing up in Japan. An American in a foreign land surrounded by even more foreign music. The pop of Japan in the mid/late 90s was so sugary I almost couldn’t handle it, yet it fascinated me. At the same time artists I looked up to, like Bjork and Pizzicato Five, were drawing from some of the same sounds and imagery. I felt like somehow I was getting an inside look at cultures crossing in a pre-global world.

Fast forward a good 15 years and here I am working in music and running a company whose job it is to help discover the future of music, which has lead me to A.G. Cook, an artist that whole heartedly represents so much that is happening in this moment in time & what may come in the future, all the while bringing with her those echos of the┬ápast (probably not for her). It’s a sound that combines all that sugar and sweetness that K-Pop and J-Pop are known for yet keeping the production squarely from the underground with an eye on defining movements yet to come. It’s a sound that can only be defined by the internet.

UK based, mastermind of the label, PC Music, and an amazing singer & producer, A.G. Cook really does have the whole package, an essential for the defining the future. She’s on her way to being the next big pop star in at least one part of the population’s eyes.

While her path is relatively new, she’s certainly caught my eyes and those of many others. The future is in her hands and I shall follow her! Become a believer below…

A.G. Cook – “Beautiful” Video Stream:

A.G. Cook – “What I Mean” Video Stream:

A.G. Cook – “Keri Baby feat. Hannah Diamond” Video Stream: