Crush of the Week: Hater

March 6th, 2017

Crush of the Week: Hater

If I was sitting in my room writing in my diary and thinking of you I’d be listening to Haters. The thing is, you broke my heart, but I’m not quite over you. I still think of you longingly, draw pictures of you or remember the times when we used to lay in this bed and giggle. All that’s over now, you fucked up and I found my soundtrack.

They come from Sweden, but their music is universal. Haters, whose new album You Tried is out March 10th on PNKSLM, have a sweet garage-y pop sound that is reminiscent of bands like No Joy or Eternal Summers. Their sound makes me both long for cute, personal moments and post-break up depression. They somehow capture the mood of both simultaneously while making it a good time. It’s pretty cool.

We are at the beginning of the road for Haters. I can’t wait to hear this full length cuz I’m just getting started on this book of emotion I’m spewing out because of you. I know you won’t be the last, so Haters, it’s up to you to soundtrack my heartbreak rage from here on.