April 4th, 2014


I can’t think of an artist that I’ve had a crush on longer than HEARTSREVOLUTION. It’s a borderline love affair at this point, except take out any actual lovemaking. This is a band (movement?) that I’ve been so entangled with in so many ways that it’s hard to remember where it began. Was it a crush on the people? Was it the magic of the ice cream truck? Was it ┬áthe power of the message? Was it the pop sensibility of the songs? On all levels they had me at the first Unicorn…

HEARTSREVOLUTION started as a movement and Ice Cream Truck first. The music grew out of that as a more powerful way to spread the message. It just so happened that they were musical geniuses as well (lucky for all of us). They came out of the gate years ago with the single “C.Y.O.A” and totally blew the blog-o-sphere wide open. Thankfully this record (and the one to follow) were on my record label at the time. Somehow I was getting talked into playing drums for them from time-to-time as well (thus began the entangled history).

With all the hype came a lot of opportunity which turned into both a blessing and a curse for HR. Just about everyone in the game wanted to work with them, but at the same time they always kept their eyes focused on their ultimate vision, two things that don’t always mix in the entertainment business. After about 5 years of bouncing around and many versions of their soon to be released masterpiece of an album, “Ride Or Die“, they ended up at their new permanent homes of Kitsune and OWSLA (both labels with strong visions themselves).

And now here we are, on the verge of a real {Hearts}REVOLUTION! All the years of fighting and hard work have paid off with the band appearing triumphant, not just with an excellent record, but a fully bejeweled truck and a whole street art movement consisting of pink stripe molested stuffed animals. It’s terrorism on a whole new level, one made out of the need for change and positivity. HR are the pied piper for a whole new generation and I’m so excited to hear their battle cry and follow them into the depths of hell…

HEARTSREVOLUTION – “Ride Or Die” Album Teaser:


HEARTSREVOLUTION – “Not That Hard To Explain“: