April 23rd, 2014


Crushes come in many forms and sizes. A crush can be a tool and also a powerful weapon. If the last few weeks have taught me anything it’s that you need to be careful with crushes for as beautiful and fun as they can be, they are also fragile and dangerous. A crush in a perfect world is a wish for something fresh, new and sweet. It’s adoration of something beautiful newly found and a longing to make it yours, which brings me to this week’s crush: Hospitality.

Hospitality’s 2nd full length. ‘Trouble‘, came out on Merge records earlier this year. Immediately upon hearing it I fell in love with ┬áthe record. It’s musically laid back in a way that puts a soothing smile across my face, yet energetic enough when needed to shake the cobwebs out. They remind me a lot of The Breeders, especially their album ‘Title TK‘.

In coming back to this weekly column, I was immediately drawn to ‘Trouble‘ as inspiration. Something about this band tells me that they understand exactly what I’m thinking right now. They know what it’s like to be crushed out and to live a life full of consequences. The album is universally relatable lyrically in the way the best Motown Soul Hits are, a trait that is rare to find now a days.

I’ve yet to see this band live, but I look forward to the day when I have the pleasure. Like the rest of us in this online world, I’ve had to settle for YouTube videos, of which make them look pretty good. I’ve added a few of my faves below. I hope you discover the same pleasure and magic in Hospitality that they brought to me. If anyone in this world deserves the attention of a crush, it’s them.

HOSPITALITY – “Going Out” Music Video:

HOSPITALITY – “I Miss Your Bones“:

HOSPITALITY – Live on Brooklyn Vegan: