June 4th, 2014


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s hard to deny on any level that Hundred Waters personifies the word. To be enraptured in their presence is a gift. Both sonically and visually they paint a picture that is so pleasing and attractive it’s hard not to have a crush. Now, with the release of their widely acclaimed new album, “The Moon Rang Like A Bell“, this infatuation is set in stone.

Hailing from Florida (my state of birth) and now living in Los Angeles (like everyone should), I’ve watched Hundred Waters come up these last couple years, cheering from the sidelines. I was introduced to them by the fine folks at OWSLA (their label) and then met them in person at a show IHC did for them, a show which they drove across country in a school bus that kept breaking down for. It was one of those crazy adventures that only a new band would have the balls to do and the kind of stuff legends are made of. It worked.

I’ve been sold as a fan ever since and it’s been great to watch the rest of the world come around to them. When you listen to their music, a mix of electronic and “indie” inspired sounds with sometimes classical music structure, you wouldn’t often associate them with Skrillex (head honcho of their label), but it speaks volumes of the world we live in where we are less defined by genre and more so by interest and mind set. Hundred Waters have a lot in common with artists like Portishead, Bjork and Spiritualized. They are the modern version of mixtape fodder (a perfect tool in the pursuit of crushes).

Their latest album is all but a week old and already making headlines. It’s exciting to see how excited people are about it. Why you don’t you join in? Check them out below!

Hundred Waters – “Cavity” Music Video:

Hundred Waters – “Thistle” Music Video:

Hundred Waters – “The Moon Rang Like A Bell” Album Stream: