Crush of the Week: Japanese Breakfast

July 20th, 2017

Crush of the Week: Japanese Breakfast

There’s not a thing about Michelle Zauner aka Japanese Breakfast that I’m not madly in love with. Talk about being taken on for the ride of my life! I know every week the point of this column is to get down and dirty about an artist that rubs me all the right ways, but how can that continue when you’re so blinded by one individual? My heart AND soul strings are pulled in too many directions by her brilliance.

Japanese Breakfast has crafted an amazing new album entitled “Soft Sounds from Another Planet (out now via Dead Oceans). It’s like a psyche-pop dream come alive via an 80’s inspired space odyssey underground party. It somehow manages to touch on a whole wave of late 90’s / early 2000s DIY indie, yet stands on her own as a unique voice of now. She holds the flag high for the convergence of all one loves at once.

If it was just the music, that would be admirable enough, but as an artist and personality in all ways, this is what makes her shine beyond the others. I thought I knew love before now, but I was wrong, she is love. She who creates all of her own videos and stands out as a figure that you want to be your best friend. Her crafted morsels of delight feel bombastic, chaotic and FUN. Her sense of design, art direction and creativity leave me in awe. Not to mention that she’s that special kind of nerd.

I mean, how can I go on writing this column after this? It’s just not fair to everyone else when there is someone out there in the world so compelling. Alas, I will find a way, but Michelle, know you are the one.