May 21st, 2014


It takes a lot for me to say the words I’m about to say about JUICEBOXXX, but every single one of them is true: JUICEBOXXX is the most underrated artist of our generation.

Many would disagree with this statement, but they would be wrong. Much like the seething frustration that you can hear boil up in some of JB’s music, I feel like it’s something I’ve said over and over to deaf ears. To quote JB himself, it’s like “Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall”… However, JUICEBOXXX, like most of the finer things in life, is a taste best acquired. To really understand the man you need to live his life and view the world through his eyes. Thankfully he’s left a plethora of doors to choose from.

My first interaction with JB was at SXSW in 2008(?). I saw this kid hanging around a bunch who I thought was a homeless punk only to stumble across his show on the Sunday at a barn. I watched him in fear having never witnessed a performance so aggressive.  I thought I could be physically attacked at any moment. This never happened, BUT I love that I felt it. A crush was instantly born.

We quickly became friends and within a year I had released a JUICEBOXXX single on my record label, IHEARTCOMIX. The single was not a hit, but I didn’t care, I loved JB. Over the next couple years as my record label quit putting out records, JB struggled to find a new home for his brilliant debut full length and eventually mustered up the courage to just do it himself, starting his own called Thunder Zone. Since then he’s not only released the album, but several mix tapes full of originals, about 10 music videos, a weekly video diary and even launched his own energy drink! He’s used Thunder Zone as a way to release other artists as well.

I admire JUICEBOXXX so much because of his unending dedication to his vision. He IS the real deal on every level. He lives what he says and he is out there fighting for that dream every single day despite a living in a world that won’t give him the credit he is due. He’s the real world version of an X-Man, fighting for justice in a land that hates and fears him. He is the closest thing our generation will come to Bruce Springsteen. He is speaking from the American heartland, having lived the life that the majority of Americans have, yet understanding the language that only us in our high horses on the coasts can get.

It’s the endurance, stamina and plain stubborness that makes me love him, forever. That’s not even to say how fucking TALENTED he is. He will always have my support and he needs yours too. JB is a true leader & mastermind. If you take the time to travel the roads he’s traveled for a minute, you will see it too.

JUICEBOXXX – “Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall” Music Video:

JUICEBOXXX – “Thunder Jam #8” Music Video: