December 9th, 2014



Man crushes aren’t always a bad thing, in fact, I’d argue in order to truly be a man they are necessary. Take for instance heroes or style icons. A┬álove for someone can come in many forms and Kastle embodies that for me on many levels. He makes incredible music, he’s stylish and he’s one hell of a guy…

I was introduced to Kastle by my friend and sometimes biz partner, Danny Johnson, who specializes in management. Admittedly he talked him up for months before I got off my ass and listened, but I was immediately impressed. At the time a lot of Danny’s clients we heavy in the dubstep and not much else, but it was obvious from this choice that not only Danny’s tastes were expanding, but so were music’s (as he’s always been gifted with a sage like foresight).

Over the last few years Ive been able to see Kastle grow as an artist. First making more tasteful dub inspired music and slowly expanding into a more soulful and house inspired sound of his own, incorporating elements new and old. You can still hear the bass but it’s the difference between Grey Poupon and Yellow Mustard, it’s big.

Kastle was growing into his own so much that it made sense for him to start his own label and crew, Symbols. While still under the wing of Danny, it was important for him to step out on his own. He is different. While you could easily find comparisons to everyone from Disclosure to Chet Faker to DJ Shadow, none of them quite do the trick.

Kastle’s latest release is a collab with Amtrac called ‘Hyperspace‘ which goes even further to back the idea above. They are currently out supporting this release with a joint tour that you should definitely attend. Check the track below, and Kastle, stay handsome sugah.

Kastle & Amtrac – ‘Hyperspace‘:

Kastle – ‘Stay Forever‘ Music Video:

Check out Kastle & Amtrac on tour: