Crush of the Week: Kate NV

March 1st, 2017

Crush of the Week: Kate NV

She sings to my heart and fills me with so much joy I feel like I’m going to burst. She is the soundtrack of my love scape. She is the one that will bring world peace to us all. She is KATE NV!

Hailing from Moscow and possessing a smile that can make the world stop in its tracks, KATE NV makes some of the most motivational, moving and beautiful music I’ve ever heard. She is the personification of happiness and bravery. She creates a sound that exists somewhere between a Brian Eno score and Japanese Pop Music with a little Euro of the era in there as well. It’s easy to make comparisons to anyone from the Eurythmics to Grimes, but my favorite part about her is she is so weirdly herself there isn’t a lot to compare her to that really nails it. Her debut album in 2016, Binasu, is worth an immediate listen to get what I mean.

At a time when there is an increased scrutiny on all things Russian and any real or unreal tensions with the US, it’s refreshing to have an artist that stands above it all. KATE NV’s music and attitude are what the world needs right now. Someone who stands above borders, arms open, smiling and demanding we all dance with honesty. I’ll be waving her flag before any others for a long time to come.

Check out all the good stuff below…

Bonus track from Biansu as debuted yesterday via Gorilla vs Bear:

If you live in the states, do yourself a favor and catch Kate NV on tour with Jessy Lanza this May…