November 25th, 2014


After a brief hiatus due to it being nearly impossible to keep up with any semblance of daily life while on tour, CRUSH OF THE WEEK is back featuring the ever love-abale and now pop-star, Kitty (formerly Kitty Pryde)!

At first the reigning queen of internet hip hop with her always awkward, whilst charmingly cute rap cuts, Kitty seems to have finally grown into her own musically with her latest release, ‘Frostbite’. Upon hearing it I got all the jitters I got when I first came across her years ago only this time there was something different about it, something more mature. This wasn’t just a teenage crush anymore, this was something decidedly more adult and real. Less ‘Twilight’ and more ‘Romancing the Stone’. The new jams make me feel a little funny inside in a good way.

‘Frostbite’ kicks off with a new voice for the newly revitalized Kitty. It’s space pop from another dimension. It’s fun, it’s cute and the hooks are very catchy, yet it’s low-fi enough to retain the level of cool she’s known for. Kitty is growing into her voice and in my opinion is still very much an icon of her domain. This is one lasting crush that I hope never fades away.

Check it out below and check out her interview on NOISEY!


Kitty – ‘Frostbite’ EP Stream:

And here’s a couple oldies, but goodies….

Kitty Pryde – “OKAY Cupid”  Music Video:

Kitty Pryde & Riff Raff – “Orion’s Belt” Music Video: