Crush of the Week: Lil B

September 6th, 2017

Crush of the Week: Lil B

My love is never tamed! After a brief hiatus (my last crush knocked me off my feet), I am back and madly infatuated with the man, the myth, the Based God… Lil B!

Whatever this man has gone through these past couple years, he’s come out the other side the warrior of my dreams. He is the Braveheart of my heart, a superhero amongst superheroes, the one who reclaimed the world in his own vision. Lil B is back with Black Ken, a magnum opus of self accomplishment.

Produced, recorded and written all himself, Lil B has put together a brilliant record. Often reminiscent of classic Too $hort or DJ Quik records, he also lives in the same world as Kool Keith or MF Doom by fully becoming a new personality. What makes him stand out is instead of hiding behind a mask or costume, he’s just created a more idealized version of himself: A HUNK.

Make sure to check out this hunk’s new record and send him a love letter at his Twitter. HE LOVES IT.