Crush of the Week: Machinedrum

April 13th, 2017

Crush of the Week: Machinedrum

Ever fall in love with a man that has a mustache and gold chain? Now’s your chance. Machinedrum is the hunk of your dreams, the post-trap heavy bass Burt Reynolds you’ve been waiting for.

Hailing from clan Ninja Tune, Machinedrum knows how to make you dance smartly. Taking both from the higher brow and down & dirty ends of dance music, he creates jams that make you say “Ooh yeah” and “Oh, yeah” simultaneously. It’s a true skill that only a handsome devil like him can have. I mean, one look and the style says it all, he has what you need bay-bay.

He’s recently released a full length entitled Human Energy. This week he’s followed that up with a new single U Betta, an exquisite masterpiece that proves everything I said above to be 100% correct. Why wait, gyrate to the master himself: Machinedrum.