June 24th, 2014



There’s always something so attractive about the French, am I right? Para One’s new record, “Club“, a reworked version of his 2012 brilliant release, “Passion“, only serves to prove this fact with all it’s sexy, dance, techno, acid, romance and pop goodness…

Para One was one of my earliest connections into the world of European dance music, especially the stuff from France. He was part of something I like to refer to as the “first wave” of the latest crop of dance music in the US. His first appearance in my life only happened months after that of Justice. I was, admittedly, not super knowledgable about the music when I first encountered any of that first group of artists, but I knew I liked it.

Para One showed up with Boys Noize on our first show with him. Both of them couldn’t speak English that well back then and I think even they were meeting each other for the first time. I remember watching Para One as he played Check Yo Ponytail, hearing him play these very strange techno based noise loops and thinking to myself “WTF is this?”. It was a strange first encounter, but one of those really intriguing ones that you never quite forget. I knew there was something I really liked about Para One right then and there, but I couldn’t quite but my finger on it.

Years and months passed. Para One and I slowly became close friends over that time. Upon each encounter my understanding and appreciation for his music and skills as a DJ deepened to the point to where he quickly shot to my “All Time Favorites” list (not to mention he’s one of the best dressed Frenchmen around). Then he put out his groundbreaking album, “Passion“….

I was floored. It’s a work of art, really and truly. I was so excited for him and then nothing seemed to happen in the US. There was no label here and seemingly no one pushing it. I was so bummed that I offered to make and pay for a music video myself to help (I did, you can see it below). It was one of those cases where somehow a great record just slipped through the cracks, but the people in the know, the fellow artists that supported him, even Para One himself, weren’t going to just let this go… So here we are now, with the night versions take on the album “Club“.

In what I’m sure was a painstaking process for Para One, he reworked every single track on his album to be more, as the title puts it, “club”. It’s fucking great. The first day I got it I listened to the record 3 times in a row. Not only does it add a whole new sheen to a record I was already madly in love with, but in a lot of ways it actually improves on something that was already pretty much perfect.

It’s rare in this world that something gets a true second chance. It seems now Para One is one of those rare cases where the strength of the art shines above all the circumstances against it. I have no doubt “Club” will be a smash and at the least it’s very deserving of this week’s Crush…

PARA ONE – “Club” Album Teaser:

PARA ONE  – “You Too” Music Video:

PARA ONE  – “Every Little Thing” Unofficial Music Video:

PARA ONE – “When The Night” Music Video:

PARA ONE  – “Lean On Me feat. Teki Latex” Music Video: