May 27th, 2014


The last couple weeks I’ve dug into the past with people I’ve admired for a long time. Crushes that have stood the test of time.

Now, it’s time for a fresh crush. Ahhh there is no better feeling than discovering something new and being enamored by that bright, shiny object. New infatuations are always seemingly perfect. You’re so blinded by the joy of the moment and high on the drug of adoration. This is how I felt when I came across PASTEL GHOST a couple months ago…

Last week PASTEL GHOST released their 2nd EP entitled “Shadows” and it confirmed all those feelings I originally had about them. Not only was I still totally blown away by their music, but even more so than before. Everything had improved and it made me hopeful for the future of what they do next.

Hailing from Oakland and making music that sounds like an anime dream, PASTEL GHOST are masterful at combining a whole host of influences to create a landscape all their own. There are easily comparisons made to Crystal Castles, 80’s synth pop, Grimes and Fischer Spooner, but what I like most about them is that despite being influenced by others, they are still very much their own. It’s a strong start for a young artist and that confidence gets me totally crushed out. I think you should too :)

Check out their new and old EPs below!

Check out their cool tumblr too!

PASTEL GHOST – “Shadows EP“:

PASTEL GHOST – “Dark Beach EP“: