June 22nd, 2016

My crush this week is Pollyn, a Los Angeles based trio who make some sweet (and weird) pop jams that have me all excited about life and shit.

LA is a crazy town. I’ve lived here for 12 years and exist pretty firmly in the scene and yet find shit I’ve never heard of all the frickin time. I love it. Keeps things interesting. I can now add Pollyn to the list or special discovered treats!


They have a new-ish full length out called Distress Signals that is jam packed with great songs. Top to bottom, a great record and a nice sweet topping to a hard days work or the perfect sound track to a summer night.┬áThe single of theirs that sticks out the most to me is Don’t You Want My Love and the answer is YES! 100% all the way YES! Take me please!

Check them out below, including their amazing (and weird) video for Dark Tokyo that is some serious sex animation sci-fi vibes.

Pollyn – Don’t You Want My Love Official Video:

Pollyn – Too Late To Change The Past Official Video

Pollyn – Distress Signals Official Video: