July 3rd, 2014


New crushes, old crushes, some love never dies. In the case of The Presets we share a long history of mutual infatuation, popping each other’s cherries even w IHC doing their first show in LA and The Presets later playing the first Check Yo Ponytail ever. It’s an affair that has lasted years, but like any long relationship sometimes what is needed is a spark to remind you how special everything was in the first place. With The Presets’ new single, “No Fun“, they’ve done just that…

After staying away for a couple years, The Presets came back with a new single earlier in 2014 called “Goodbye Future” that captured some of the magic from their previous albums, but it’s with the release of this second single “No Fun” where the future direction and energy of the band really shines. More techno than vocal influenced there is something classic and future thinking about this new track that gets me so excited for whats to come! THE PRESETS ARE BACK (and I still love them)!


The Presets – “No Fun” Music Video:

The Presets – “Goodbye Future” Music Video:

The Presets – “My People” Music Video:

The Presets – “This Boy’s In Love” Music Video: