June 15th, 2016


I’m just gonna right out and say it, this ain’t no crush, this is love. I love you, Pup.

Strip me down to my core being and there’s a midwest punk rock kid underneath it all. I may have been in Hollywood a number of years now, covered in layers of whatever filth this city piles upon you and basking in the reflections of celebrity culture, but it doesn’t change who I am no matter how much I may try to hide it. I heard Pup and all that went away, laid clean to myself and to the world for who I truly am. Isn’t that love? The ability to be who you are, damn the consequences?



Now I didn’t do a lot of research for this post. Like I know these guys are from Canada, have 2 releases on SideOneDummy and have a new record that just came out a couple weeks ago called The Dream Is Over. I checked it out from one of the recommendations I saw online was immediately gut checked (Both record are the jam). So I went and saw them play live over the weekend and gut checked again! One final thing, their videos and guess what? GUT GUT GUT GUT GUT GUT!¬†THEY ARE ALL FUCKING BRILLIANT.

Listen, this ain’t wikipedia, you wanna hear more facts, google them, but what I can tell you is that I haven’t been this excited about a band in a LONG TIME. They all at once capture the music that made me, me and update it with all the sensibility of being a punk in 2016. They give me the chills with all the flashback memories of being on tour, but don’t linger in the legacy of the sound, choosing instead to go forward. Had punks had the budget to make videos and stuff back in the day, this is how I wish it would have been.

Pup, I love you and I hope as fuck the rest of the world does too.

Pup – Guilt Trip Official Video:

Pup – If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will Official Video:

Pup – DYP Official Video:

Pup – Dark Days Official Video:

Pup – Reservoir Official Video: