fbpx CRUSH OF THE WEEK: Ramona Lisa
April 29th, 2014


Nothing is more inspiring than seeing an artist you are incredibly fond of evolve and improve into something even more beautiful. Caroline Polacheck (of Chairlift) has released a solo record today under the moniker of ‘Ramona Lisa’ that is the personification of just that: a step forward.

Caroline is someone that I’ve been a fan of since coming across her (and fellow bandmates) when Chairlift released their first record. I believe my first experience with them was at their or one of their friend’s houses in Brooklyn. Their manager at the time invited me over for a listening party of the full length for a new band she just began working with. I remember being impressed with what I heard and even more enamored when I was introduced to Caroline at the party. My curiosity sparked!

Even though Chairlift got a lot of buzz early as an artist, it was clear at the beginning that Caroline was very much on her own path, the first evidence of this to me being her early collaboration with Flosstradamus (not to mention the wide range of artists she would eventually collab with, like Blood Orange or Beyonce) and her willingness to participate in an early IHEARTCOMIX photo shoot although we were practically strangers at the time. As Chairlift evolved into the 2 piece of just her and Patrick, the evidence of her songwriting and vocal ability began to truly shine with the release of their even stronger second record (one of my faves of 2012).

I’m most in awe of artists that push themselves to be better, greater and to expand. Caroline is one of the prime examples of her generation of artists and has emerged as a leader in my mind. She’s constantly working and creating, dabbling with multiple genres and mediums and now conspiring to bring all of those influences and experiences together into one shining piece of art, her debut solo release as Ramona Lisa entitled “Arcadia“.

It’s obvious with ¬†this record just how much of the musical and tonal vision of Chairlift is hers. The album retains quite of few best of ‘isms’ from the last record while strikingly pushing the parts that are her far forward and unhinged. You can hear her reveling in the freedom with a new found confidence that is both beautiful and breathtaking. Her personality is fully on display here and it is a brightly burning heavenly light. I’ve only just heard the record days ago and it’s already one of my favorites of the year.

Caroline, this week’s crush is all yours. You’ve far and beyond earned it.

You can stream the full record over at FADER HERE.

Ramona Lisa – “Backwards & Upwards“:

Ramona Lisa – “Arcadia“:

Ramona Lisa – “Dominic” Music Video: