fbpx CRUSH OF THE WEEK: Sinkane
September 4th, 2014


I love stumbling across something new and this week I found Sudanse born artist, SINKANE, via our pals over at DFA Records.

Sinkane, who’s been a session artist around NYC for years, has finally put together his debut full length and it’s a real treat. Taking a mixture of Afro-pop, disco bosanova and even a little twang, the record gives me all kinds of goosebumps and fills me with pleasure.  I can think of many a date night in the future that these sweet melodies and laid back rhythms will come in handy on.

Those so much about this record that is reminiscent of those early feelings of infatuation and love. It’s pretty much the perfect soundtrack for crushing and early days of summer (too bad it wasn’t out then). Still, as we enter into the Fall we still need some tunes to make love to as we continue the search for comfort in those cold winter nights. Sinkane has given me mine.

Stream his new single How We Be off his recent album Mean Love on DFA Records.

Sinkane – “Mars” Full Album Stream: