CRUSH OF THE WEEK: Sunflower Bean

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Coming home from SXSW this year, I’m stoked to report that I discovered something new, something magical. It must be some kind of unicorn cuz who discovers anything down there anymore, right? But Sunflower Bean was that for me. The band I hadn’t heard of before whose name rose above the rest as the whispers amplified into a virtual scream. Full disclosure, I didn’t actually see them play until the next week in LA, but it was all that screaming that got me to ditch my plans that night and experience them instead.

I’m glad I did. Sunflower Bean was one of the most refreshingly genuine bands I’d seen in a long time. Their love and appreciation for what seemed like a mixture of 60’s and 90’s influenced garage / jam / alt rock was impressive. I felt like I was watching Jimmy Hendrix and The Animals mixed with Belly and Live Through This era Hole. The energy was high, the psychedelic vibes were everywhere, and while not my personal style, I appreciated the bell-bottoms and flowers. The best moment of the night was when the crowd just wouldn’t stop cheering, bringing the band to tears. Again, genuine as fuck.

To top it off, lead singer Julia Cumming embodies all my 90’s crushes into one. She simultaneously takes the aloofness out of Darcy from the Smashing Pumpkins and squeezes the cheese right out of Gwen Stephanie creating this perfect mash-up of confidence and spirit I’d been looking for in a leading lady. Check out the videos below to see what I mean.

Does the hippie style obsession help create the magical aura they have? Only time will tell and I know I for one will be waiting with abated breath for their next moves…

Sunflower Bean – “Easier Said” Music Video:

Sunflower Bean – “Wall Watcher” Music Video:


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