July 9th, 2014



This week’s crush is the Vancouver based band, White Lung!

These guys are an interesting bunch and seem to constantly be up to something that catches my eye and tickles my fancy. I love watching people that are so into and skilled at what they do, yet are unafraid to experiment in their surroundings. White Lung personify this in their constant wiling-ness to exist outside of their predetermined box and stay there. This is the punk band that toured with Antwon, I love it.

White Lung released their 2nd full length this year on Domino titled “Deep Fantasy“. The record is a blistering burner of in-your-face punk jams that draw influences from a whole spectrum of rock history and blends it into one awesome sound. I hear everything from Red Ants to Stiff Little Fingers to The Muffs to Pretty Girls Make Graves. It’s obvious these guys have been around the block, and that’s a good thing. Experience is a rare trait in today’s music world, but sometimes you need years of fucking up your rock n’ roll stance until you get it just right. These four have those chops in spades and it’s why the kick soooo much ass.

Watch the videos below and you’ll see just how tough White Lung is. They rule and can pretty much out play any band getting the same amount of heat right now. Def very crush worthy…

White Lung – “In Your Home” Music Video:

White Lung – “Face Down” Music Video:

White Lung – “Drown With The Monster” Music Video: