August 14th, 2014


Sometimes you just wanna say “Let the darkness consume me”…. That’s pretty much how I feel when I’m in the clutches of YOUTH CODE‘s brutal embrace and why they are my Crush of the Week.

From the first moment I saw them step on stage and every moment after I’ve been thoroughly impressed by their presence. Whether it’s their punk attitude, their overwhelming affection for their music (and each other) or the sheer aggressiveness of their music, they hit me like a ton of bricks. They got right what so many people get wrong by over complicating things. This is hardcore influenced industrial music, it’s not rocket science (and I mean that in the best way possible). Not to compare them to, but it’s something Nirvana got right too: keep it simple. There’s nothing more appealing than the base elements of what makes something great.

YOUTH CODE nail this.

They walk the walk and talk the talk and embody everything you want a band like them too. They are just plain fucking awesome.

Their new track “Consuming Guilt” from their forthcoming EP, A Place To Stand, continues the trend. It was picked as ‘Best New Music‘ on Pitchfork. They are touring w Skinny Puppy coming up to support the release. Ummm… pretty sick.

They better keep this shit up, cuz it’s the stuff legends are made of. I, for one, am already a rabid follower. Check out some stuff below…

YOUTH CODE – “Consuming Guilt“:

YOUTH CODE – “Carried Mask” Music Video:

YOUTH CODE – Live at Saint Virus Video:

YOUTH CODE on NOISEY’s ‘Sound Off‘: