fbpx CYP2 presents: DEATH, Tijuana Panthers, Obliterations, and Tony Molina on October 28th at the Echoplex – IHEARTCOMIX
October 2nd, 2013

October is finally here and that means our countdown to Death has begun. If you still have yet to hear the gospel of DEATH, check out this trailer for the phenomenal documentary on the band’s genesis, A Band Called Death, where three brothers from Detroit come together to create a sound that was musically ahead of its time. It only took the world 30 years to catch up. A truly remarkable story about what many are calling, “Punk before Punk was Punk.”

On October 29th, Check Yo Ponytail is about to turn into quite the riotous affair with the now legendary DEATH on hand to make sure all you ghouls are properly engaged to rage your way into Halloween weekend. Joining them will be Tijuana Panthers, Obliterations, and Tony Molina. Do not miss out on this opportunity. You will be sorry to not experience DEATH in the flesh.

Tickets are available HERE.