fbpx D.Wing premieres, new sensual-as-hell video for "Good 4 U" – IHEARTCOMIX
January 16th, 2015



Have you been taking your birth control? Good for you, because L.A.-based pop/R&B singer D.Wing‘s new video for “Good 4 U” is so sensual it might get you pregnant. We’re looking straight at you, men.

Set in a dreamy, neon, eighties-like bedroom replete with iridescent sheets and the occasional mood-setting houseplant, it chronicles a soft-core hookup between two lovers with a penchant for slow sex. Softly-lit silhouettes and white lingerie don’t help with the impure thoughts that arise during the course of the song.

We’re not sure if the girl in the video is an alien beamed down to the terrestrial milieu, on a mission to have slow motion power sex with worthy men, but either way, there are laser beams and UFO-like summoning rays, which sets the scene apart from others like it.

The video’s sensuality may be the result of D.Wing’s genetic heritage; his mom was a harpist and his dad was a guitarist, a combination that can only yield spawn with soul capable of this kind of video magic.

Jessica Nicole Collins gets director cred for the vid, and the carnal cinematography is Drew Bienemann’s doing (Grimes, Inc. and DFA 1979). D.Wing’s got no upcoming no tour dates as of now, but his EP will be out mid-February. It’ll be produced by Jeff Ellis, who engineered and mixed Frank Ocean’s last album, so you know we’ll keep you updated on that.