fbpx Dan Deacon: True Thrush – IHEARTCOMIX
July 19th, 2012

DIY electronic mastermind Dan Deacon has always been one to put on a spectacle. For one, he always performs amongst the crowd, with his table of custom made gadgetry surrounded by a legion of devout followers. Audience participation has always been a key element to a Dan Deacon show as they eagerly abide by his every word. Whether it is a conga line, dance competition, or a human tunnel; Dan Deacon will make you move whether you like it or not. His latest video for True Thrush, takes these antics a step further with an inspired take on the classic game of Telephone. The video begins with a 15 second scene filmed by Dan and co-director Ben O’Brien in which they passed on to the first of many teams of volunteers. From there they each team was given one hour and one take to recreate the scene from memory, at which point the baton gets passed on to the next. Very quickly, the simple scene turns into an outrageous mess as every volunteer scrambles and laughs their way through to the end in this wonderful collaboration of friends and family.

Dan Deacon will be performing at the El Rey Theater on October 20th. Joining him will be Chester Endersby Gwazda, Height with Friends, and Alan Resnick. In the meantime, check out the True Thrush video below and be sure to pick up Dan Deacon’s next LP, America, out August 27th on Domino.

Tickets are available HERE.