fbpx Dangerous Boys Club: Pris – IHEARTCOMIX
June 5th, 2013

It’s difficult to understand exactly what is going on in the new video from Dangerous Boys Club for the title track to their latest LP, Pris. Glitched out static surveillance footage finds two women under the watchful eye of the unknown with wavering tremolos and piercing washes of white noise that provide a dark tempered foundation. As the song’s dynamic builds with the intensity of frontman Aaron Montaigne’s (Antioch Arrow) minimal yet commanding presence, the song fervently paces on with muted slap back drum pulses and melodic swells, while we remain voyeuristically treading from afar. A fragmented memory is all we have to remain intimately intrigued.

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 11.12.00 AM

Pris, the title track from the latest Dangerous Boys Club LP, is available now on Dais Records. Watch the video for Pris below, and check out this great interview with Aaron Montaigne over on Noisey.