February 6th, 2014

Last week, IHC TV kicked off our very special 5 part series cataloging DEATH performing live at Check Yo Ponytail. In part two, DEATH’s Bobby Hackney counts us in to Rock-N-Roll Victim, the second track off of, For The Whole World To See…, a collection of 7 tracks from the unrealized 1974 LP that never saw the light of day. Seeing the band perform the song live 40 years later to arguably the most diverse generation of all time really goes to show how much we’ve progressed as a culture both technologically and socially.

death promo

Despite the blacklash they received based on their name alone, especially in regards to the failed Clive Davis contract offer, DEATH had the unique challenge of being three black brothers in Motown playing music that was loud, abrasive, and mostly catered to a white audience. While many know Detroit Rock City doesn’t get its name by chance, the Motown influence should not be disregarded, leaving the three brothers in a bizarre situation where they fail to fit in with the demographic majority of rock culture, and were additionally shunned by the soul culture surrounding Motown Records, despite their ability as a label to achieve crossover success for the black community in a predominately white pop landscape. The band never got their moment in the 70’s sun and the record was forgotten…but not forever.

Join us next week as we continue to celebrate Black History Month with one of the greatest rock stories of all time. Stay tuned for part three of the five part DEATH at Check Yo Ponytail series coming your way only on IHC TV. In the meantime, enjoy Rock-N-Roll Victim below.

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