February 27th, 2014

So what’s next for DEATH? The band have just announced the upcoming release of Death III. The third DEATH release from Drag City will feature songs written and recorded in Detroit between 1974 and 1976, as well as New England between 1977 and 1981, the latter being a major transition period for the band boost musically and mentally.

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 10.36.34 PM

Death III will conclude a trilogy of releases cataloging Death’s past that include For The Whole World To Seeā€¦ and Spiritual, Mental, Physical. Don’t think for a minute though that the band is finished. It is said that the band are currently tracking music that was composed and written, but never recorded during Death’s inception.

While we wait to see what Death’s next move will be, check out the conclusion to our five part IHC TV feature on DEATH performing live at Check Yo Ponytail last Halloween. Here they perform, Politicians in My Eyes in their set finale. Enjoy all five parts of the series, and stay tuned for more original programming coming soon to IHC TV.

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