Deep Sea Diver: An Introduction to Scuba

July 30th, 2012

Deep Sea Diver: An Introduction to Scuba

Hotflush Recordings has had quite the run so far since it’s inception in 2003. Having released records from progressive acts like Joy Orbison, Mount Kimbie, and Benga; the label has very quickly risen to prominence under the guidence of label boss, Paul Rose, otherwise known as Scuba. Rose quickly helped to define dubstep during the genre’s formative years, releasing numerous records, including two LP’s and multiple singles of his own production, that helped drive the development of this new bass revolution. With his latest LP, Personality, Rose resumes his role as Scuba, but this time aims to redefine his position in the dance world, moving past the heavy low end of the early Hotflush releases in favor of the housier, techno oriented affairs often associated with his SCB alter ego. Personality is a great step forward. The record has a warmth to it that is warm and welcoming, with synthetic bass pulses that are convincingly human, and more organic breakdowns like the pianos featured in, NE1BUTU, a track whose fun and positive energy should be the soundtrack of life reaffirmed. While dance music will continue to evolve, expect Scuba to already be on top of its evolution spreading new sounds to a world aching to hear them.

Scuba will be performing in Los Angeles this Thursday, August 2nd at Los Globos. Joining him will be Machinedrum, Low Limit, and Kuru. In the meantime, check out Scuba’s latest LP, Personality, available now on Hotflush Recordings.

Tickets are available HERE.