Dem Ham Boys Answer the Funniest MySpace Questionnaire From 2003

March 17th, 2016

Dem Ham Boys Answer the Funniest MySpace Questionnaire From 2003

Dem Ham Boys is Adam Weiss and Romo, two men who know a thing or thirteen trillion about exploiting the particular internet conversation mode of our here generation. Every email Ham on Everything (Adam’s DIY rave party night) sends is worded as such, making expert use of e-lingo in a way that so activates the dancing fancies of ratchets all around L.A.

So, we thought that, out of anyone, Dem Ham Boys would be the right gaggle of humans to fill out one of our weird-ass MySpace questionnaires from 2002. Remember? Those surveys you used to post on your neon glitter MySpace page where Spank Rock was your landing page song? Yeah, that.

AND WE WERE RIGHT. Read on and feel the creepy internet nostalgia (all typos and mind-boggling internet speak left intact 4 u).

When did your last kiss take place?

Adam: At #EmoNightLA (our favorite LA party that we are resident DJs of). It was with a girl who broke my heart two days after. Ironic.

Romo: During #RealDrunkHours

Four words to explain why you last threw up?

Adam: Im scared of throwing up and can’t even recall the last time

Romo: #RealDrunkHours

If you could fly, where would you go first?

Adam: to da moon

Romo: Tokyo

Who do you want to be with right now?

Adam : a girl who won’t hate me after 6 months :(

Romo: Pink Hair Mega Crush

How do you handle a break up?

Adam: By dwelling in the hurt until the next girl wants to come rescue me

Romo: #RealDrunkHours

Your motivation for tomorrow?

Adam: All the rad shit I get to do with my life thx to my career (aka ham on everything)

Romo: Vine

Last thing you ate?

Adam: This salted walnut chocolate chip cookie at the hipster coffeeshop/juice bar that I’m using my laptop at rn.

Romo: Trader Joes Tuna Wrap

Do you kiss your pets on the mouth?

Adam: I WISH…Sweetpea (my cat) won’t let me :(

Romo: Nah

Have you ever accidentally eaten an insect?

Adam: Not to my knowledge

Romo: YES

What’s crazy to you?

Adam: The bi-polar girl i was just dating

Romo: Normal People With Normal Lives

What was the most lit place you’ve ever been?

Adam: That free Gucci Mane show that Hundreds & G Shock threw like 3 or 4 years ago

Romo: 3 Story After Hours House in Swetzerland

If you could go back and change one thing what would it be?

Adam: Giving that last girl I dated my social media passwords. dumb :/

Romo: My Underwear

What would you do if you got drafted for a war?

Adam: Act insane

Romo: Break Trigger Fingers

What’s your dad like?

Adam: Larry David

Romo: Mega Tight

Who are you most attracted to?

Adam: Any girl who’d be toxic and unhealthy for me

Romo: Chicks

First CD you ever bought?

Adam: I dont recall…but first concert I went to was the 2 legit 2 quit tour..MC Hammer, TLC, & Boyz 2 Men.

Romo: Songs In The Key Of Springfield & Mariah Carey Butterfly At The Same Dam Time.

What song makes you cry?

Adam: I most recently cried after a break up to the song “Staring at your toy collection” by Kind Of Like Spitting (also v great & underrated emo band. Check em out). I also cried once at a Good Life show….I forget which song tho (i think the song was “Honeymoon”) tho.

Romo: Anything Off Neon Golden By Notwist Or The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most By Dashboard

What was your AIM screename?

Adam: ImaSadSappySuckr

Romo: Baconiefreshhhhh

Favorite website?

Adam: www.wikipedia.com or twitter.com, or yelp.com too

Romo: fuq.com

What do you do when you’re bored?

Adam: watch movie or tv shows

Romo: Clean

Have you ever smoked peanut shells?

Adam: Nah, but in jail once i saw dudes smoke banana peels,..also saw them smoke tea leafs

Romo: No

Describe your dream last night.

Adam: my dreams only happen when I’m awake ;)

Romo: No Dream Happened Dawg :/

If you were a SkyMall product, what would you be?

Adam: Portable cuddle machine

Romo: Zombie Lawn Gnome

What’s in your backpack?

Adam: Laptop, Laptop charger, iPhone charger, and asthma inhaler

Romo: Lap Top, Lap Top Charger, Usb, 2 USB Phone Battery Charger Things, iPhone Charger, Almonds.

How do you deal with a shitty roommate?

Adam: One time me and another roommate faked an eviction to get rid of a super shitty roommate. It was a mess

Romo: All Roommates Have Been Mega Chill <3 143

What does Beyonce smell like?

Adam: Fruit

Romo: A Human

Preferred pizza?

Adam: White pizza….i love ricotta cheese.

Romo: Veggie

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Adam: In love

Romo: Not Old :<

Dem Ham Boys will be playing our showcase tonightat SXSW in Austin. Come see, come bathe in rave. March 17th at 800 Congress, baby.

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