August 28th, 2014

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Yesterday, The Guardian debuted the latest warped and weird music video from the mind of Jesus Rivera, aka Demonbabies, our in-house multimedia artist and video director. The music video is for Fever The Ghost‘s new single Calico off their recent Crab in Honey EP, which dropped earlier this year in January via Heavenly Recordings. Conjuring the retro drug fueled madness of a contemporary Kubrick, Demonbabies has created a disturbing world filled with captivating freaks setting the foursome of Casper Indrizzo, Bobby Victor, Nicolas Overhauser and Mason Rothschild  in the midst of it all. The attention to detail is almost overwhelming as blacklights illuminate glowing cakes, crotches and nipples abound. The innovative psychedelic design can be attributed to the brilliant Oliver and Spencer Hibert who brought Demonbabies imagination to life.  I can assure you this video shoot was mind fuck in itself as yours truly can be found scattered among the credits. We can expext a full-length from Fever The Ghost early next year and will be featured on the Flaming Lips upcoming Beatles cover compilation as well. Until then I suggest you dose up and dive into the colorful Calico.