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October 29th, 2015

demonbabies frightmare halloween mixtape

Hey there, partner. Let us ask you a question. What do you listen you as you tear through mammalian flesh with your razor sharp teeth and dead, apathetic eyes on Halloween night?


That’s amateur. You need sonic accompaniment; something that fits the horrific mood of October 31.

You need Demonbabies‘ Frightmare Halloween mixtape.

Every fuckin’ year, Demonbabies (Jesus Rivera … you know, our video guy? This dude?) makes us a Halloween mixtape. Dis makes perfect sense because he dresses like it’s Halloween every day of the year. Sometimes he’ll come into the office wearing heeled alligator shoes, a silk shirt unbuttoned past his belly button, a fedora and pimp cane and he’ll be like “What? It’s my Colombian drug lord look.” And it’ll be like, May. Believe you me, there is no one more qualified to make you a mix of over an hour of Halloween-flavored songs.

This year, he’s concocted what he refers to as “a creepifying mix from the VHS vortex filled with trick or treat synthesizer-razorblades and black magick TV dinner ooze.” It’s full of weird ’70s disco stuff, uncomfortable synth sounds, Satanic beats and general feeling of malaise.

Play it at your pumpkin orgy, play it while you demonstrate your lack of brain cells by dressing up as a sexy cat, or play it as your terrorize the neighborhood by being young and non-monogamous! But whatever you do, play it on Halloween night.

Check it out:

Here’s the track list, you sick fucks:

Vestron Intro
Cabin Theme (PERFECT.P.IIITCH) – Friday the 13th NES
Toys ‘R Us Promo
Das Ding – The Splash Band (Songs of John Carpenter)
Dawn Of Gehenna (Vercetti Technicolor Mix) – Volkan Akaalp
Witchcraft ’70
The Secrets (Devil’s Hymn edit) – Plus
The Vampire – Eddy Detroit
The Witch – The Rattles
The House that Dripped Blood
Graveyard – Dead Moon
Magic And Ecstasy – Ennio Morricone
Haunted Mansion NJ
Doin’ It In A Haunted House (Edit) – Yvonne Gage
Phantasm Remix
Deep Red TV spot
Il Guanto Nero – Voyag3r
Slip it to the Android – Chrome
You’re Gonna Die – Destroy All Monsters
Gruesome – Mike Evans
R.I.P – Alien Sex Fiend
Count Chocula
The Vampire (Sweden)
Tubular Bells (Cosmic Mix)- The Champ’s Boys Orchestra
Spank 69 – Brooklyn Express
Gremlins Halloween Mix
Real Tuff – Gianni Rossi
Vincent Price Polaroid Commercial
Doom Fortess Escape – Voyag3r
Grimly Fiendish – The Damned
I Was There At The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Ambient Noise
Don’t Be Afraid – Frankie Karl