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If You Dig Mac DeMarco, You’ll Be All Over These 5 Up-and-Comers

April 27th, 2016

If You Dig Mac DeMarco, You’ll Be All Over These 5 Up-and-Comers

The first time I heard Mac DeMarco, it left me feeling the same way I felt the first time I ate pizza-flavored Pringles; dazed on the couch in my underwear, covered in crumbs, wondering “Why the fuck is this so good, and where the fuck has it been all my life?”


When indie’s favorite gap-toothed silly boy first stepped onto the scene in 2012, he seemed to fill a stylistic void and reach a brand new niche of music fans with his goofy demeanor and signature breed of jangly soft rock. He coined a sound that allows suburban misfits and general “no-fucks-given” types to open up their hearts to emotional sentiment and even stranger, to feel okay about it. His is a sound that’s packed with smooth, vibrato-doused riffage and sultry, but often distorted vocals, all of which is delivered in a manner so nonchalant that it is often referred to as “slacker rock,” or, better yet …“Jizz Jazz.”

Fast-forward to 2016 and Mac is an indie-rock staple; performing on the major festival circuit and selling out shows around the world. And as a result of his popularity, plenty of new up-and-coming artists are diving into a similar soundscape, using it to bring forth their own unique identities and flairs. In other words, the Jizz Jazz is exploding everywhere.

There’s a lot of it out there, but the good stuff can be hard to find and some of it hard to swallow (Ok, last jizz joke, I promise). So here at IHC we did all the dirty work for you and picked out a few artists on the come up that you should absolutely check out if you are a Mac DeMarco devotee.


1. Homeshake

Homeshake is the solo-project of Peter Sagar, who is also a Montreal native and tours as a guitarist in Mac’s live band. Sagar’s catalog consists of four sexy records, all of which are equipped with similar guitar tones and the same sensual fervor heard in DeMarco’s work. However, Homeshake brings forth an authentic element of baby-making R&B that covers more territory electronic-wise; utilizing drum machines and synthesizers in many of his tracks.

Notable Listens — “Making a Fool of You” & “Give It to Me”



2. Connan Mockasin

Connan Mockasin operates in a similar realm of sexy, dishing out a number of provocative slow burners tinged with muddy falsetto vocals and bouncy R&B basslines that can make even the whitest of white boys grind all up on their hunnies without fail.

Also, Mac and Connan made out one time, let it arouse you:

Notable Listens — “Forever Dolphin Love” & “I’m the Man, That’ll Find You”


3. Kyle Duke and the Brown Bag Boys

Slacker-rock freshmen, Kyle Duke and the Brown Bag Boys, have only released one single from their upcoming project, but show a lot of promise. “Pipe Dream” brings the signature Mac DeMarco sound to the beach with its classic surf rock drum patterns and twangy reverb-laden guitar. We are definitely looking forward to hearing more from Duke and them boys.

Notable Listens — “Pipe Dream”


4. Travis Bretzer

The Mac comparisons with this guy are indisputable … which is not necessarily a bad thing. Bretzer is able to achieve a very familiar sound without coming off like a direct rip-off. His tunes stand on their own, offering a lot of interesting atmospheric elements and some seriously cool reverbage.

Notable Listens — “Giving Up” & “Promises”


5. Jackson Scott

One things for sure, Fat Possum Records’ talented bedroom musician, Jackson Scott, knows how to manipulate the fuck out of a four-track. The Asheville multi-instrumentalist’s two-album catalog delivers a delicious dose of DeMarco, blended with elements of deranged psychedelic pop, making for one fantastic listening experience.

Notable Listens — “Sandy” & “Ripe for Love”



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