DNTEL Premieres New Music Video “Ashby” Directed By Miko Revereza!

October 1st, 2014

DNTEL Premieres New Music Video “Ashby” Directed By Miko Revereza!


Today, Postal Service’s Jimmy Tamborello, released a new music video under his Stone Throw Record’s solo project DNTEL. The music video Ashby was directed by Miko Revereza and has brilliantly paired the ambient organic beats of DNTEL with beautiful abstract imagery and touching text messages that explore the lonliness Los Angeles can evoke. Easy to follow and even easier to identify with, the messages narrate a human connection and the consciousness between being awake and dreaming, “incognito.” Miko Revereza notes: “Jimmy plays with these robotic emulations of human voices, which led me to some ideas of creating a music video about detachment and longing.” While Tamborello credits Revereza, “He steered it towards an emotional tone that I hadn’t totally noticed in the song until I listened to it while watching the video.” Watch the new video and pick up tickets for DNTEL’s Human Voice Release Party this Saturday at Los Globos!