fbpx Egg Crates & Mattress Foam: An Introduction to Lovely Bad Things – IHEARTCOMIX
June 15th, 2012

LA’s Lovely Bad Things are a garage band in every sense of the phrase. Every member can play each others instruments with all of them taking turns on the microphone. They’ve all been playing music together in some capacity for years, and they continue to progress and have fun while doing so. With brazen guitars, overdriven bass lines, and surf style harmonies; Lovely Bad Things create the perfect lo-fi soundtrack for your nostalgic desperation; recalling a time when the house party at the end of the week was all you could think about besides agonizing over your high school crush. While lonely hearts will always yearn and teenage angst will never die, Lovely Bad Things are just the band to remind us how to have fun.

Lovely Bad Things will be performing in Los Angeles tonight at the El Rey Theater. Joining them will be UK indie pop trio, The Cribs and recently signed French Kiss artist, Devin.

Tickets are available HERE.