April 26th, 2013

In early April, the new volume in Grenier’s Voids series was released to the delight of L.A.’s growing beat junkie population. Known as DJG by many, the bass artists’ Voids THREE is a powerful and progressive album that stretches the bounds of electronic music. Grenier has been working nonstop between releases collaborating with┬álabels such as Frite Nite, Tectonic, and Symbols producing some of the freshest beats around.


Our new series OFF/CNTR has become a home for fostering influential and ground breaking beat producers so make sure to get tickets to see Grenier on May 4 at the Complex performing with Pearson Sound, Bok Bok, R2M, and Queen Leaf. In the meantime, download Grenier’s Voids THREE, certified friday listening for your weekend pleasure.

Tickets available HERE.