August 9th, 2013

Brooklyn disco orchestra, Escort just release another dynamite single for free stream before it’s official debut September 24th. Cabaret is a contagious mix of disco, pop and contemporary electro the track soars on the dance floor and is no doubt an instant hit for the 17-piece band. Eugene Cho, one of the co-founders of Escort, spoke with Rolling Stone about the inspiration behind the track stemming from a coffee date with the one and only Liza Minnelli.


“The band was sharing a huge coffee cake with Liza (Minnelli), and she started telling us all these crazy stories about Barry (Manilow), Dudley (Moore) and their escapades in Sunnyside in the Seventies,” Cho recalls. “She revealed to us that the New York elite only went to parties uptown for photo ops, but the¬†real¬†parties were in the back of Indian restaurants where unspeakable things happened on a nightly basis and the public had no idea. That really inspired ‘Cabaret.'”

Escort will be making their first ever appearance in Los Angeles at Check Yo Ponytail 2 on August 20th at the Echoplex. It will undoubtedly be one of the best LIVE dance shows to date and with Pharaohs, Secret Circuit, and Nightbox rounding out the bill it can’t be missed. Pick up your tickets for the disco show below!

Tickets available HERE.