Everything you wanted to know about DJ Sliink but were too afraid to ask

February 16th, 2015

Everything you wanted to know about DJ Sliink but were too afraid to ask

DJ Sliink Clubh IHC

DJ Sliink is coming to play ClubIHC this Friday night at The Lash Pop-Up, so we thought it was only natural that we answered some pressing questions about the man himself before the show. You know, because it’s nice to know who’s melting your face off at their live set.

This DJ Sliink … is he from New Jersey?


Does he make butt-clapping NJ-style trap and club remixes and mash-ups that put high-energy spins on tracks from people like Theophilius London, Nadus, Missy Elliot and August Alisa?

Why, yes.

Does he collaborate with other DJs that also rule like Flosstradamus, Diplo, MikeQ and Brenmar to make original tracks?

The answer to this starts with a ‘Y’ and ends with an ‘es.’ He’s got a whole trap collection with Flosstradamus.

Does he have solo stuff?

He does. Jack of all trades. He’s got an EP called ‘Vibrate.’ It’s juicy.

Adjectives. I want adjectives.

Okay, calm down. I’d say DJ Sliink is raw, grimy, intense, dripping with sex, fast and lush.

Why does he have two i’s in his name?

You can never have too many i’s.

Didn’t he recently do a set on Diplo’s BBC Radio show, ‘Diplo and Friends’?

Yaaaas. Right before 2014 ended, he and DJ Big O went on Diplo and Friends  and fought a DJ death match. The fight was over whether New Jersey or Philadelphia style trap reigned supreme and … I think we all know who won.

Would he rather kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab?

What? I don’t know. Why would you ask that?

Can I see him live and will the show have flashing lights that will bathe my body in party?

Yes, yes you can.  He’s headlining ClubIHC on Friday, February 20th at The Lash Pop-Up. TICKETS TICKETS TICKETS.

Also playing that show: Joaquin Bartra, Gianni Lee, and Swisha Sweet.

What DJ Sliink songs  are the best and will get me the most excited for his show?

These should do it for you. Head over to his Soundcloud page for more.


Joaquin Bartra
Gianni Lee
Swisha Sweet
Friday February 20th, 2015

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