June 24th, 2014

 Dreamy retro pop punk band Bleached, intertwines jangley psychedelic Shangri La with 90’s space rock reminiscent of the Misfits or Ramones. Comprised of sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin, formerly of L.A. punk outfit Mika Miko, Bleached creates a raw, expansive feeling perfect for a warm day under the palm trees of sunny Southern California. Their debut LP Ride Your Heart is out now on Dead Oceans, and it looks like there might be more music in the works!

bleached (1)

First off thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions. You guys cite punk influences like the Misfits, Siouxsie, Ramones, Gun Club, etc. What do you envision as the modern version of punk?

Jess: I feel like the modern version of punk would be any kind of community of bands that work together, have shows, and maybe have a more sub terrestrial vibe… Bands you would go see at the Smell… A music venue in downtown LA.

I also hear some shoegaze influences, layered in with the 60’s and punk vibes. What genres speak to you most and how have they influenced you?

Jess: We have accumulated so many records growing up and have such a wide variety of music we listen to. It really is a mixture of 60s, punk, rock ’n roll, and psychedelic that has influenced us by the tones we decide to use, the lyrics, the gear we like and even the fashion!

I feel like your lyrics are very Debby Harry, how she would take a more pop vibe with some deeper punk undertones. What do you hope to convey with your lyrics?

Jenn: I love Debbie Harry, but I just like being super honest with my lyrics but in a pop music way. I like when someone tells me our songs helped them get through a breakup or they can totally relate ‘cuz that’s what my favorite bands did for me.

Can you name one rockstar from both the present and past who have had a profound influence on you? 

Jess: There are so many from the past, but when I really think about it I remember watching this live footage when I was like 10 of Jimi Hendrix on loop playing “Little Wing” and I was sooo mesmerized! Like, he is who made me want to actually pick up an instrument and play!

If you only had one cassette in your car’s tape deck, what would it be?

Jess: Velvet Underground – Loaded!

Technology has made releasing music to the world much more convenient for independent musicians. How have your expectations or musical process changed from the old MySpace era to now with newer platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram?

Jess: I don’t know how much the musical process changed, but it for sure makes your band more inviting, people get to feel more connected to you and what your doing…. I do miss the days when you had to search for music at record stores! We would sometimes by a record just because we thought it looked cool.

It seems like your live set can get pretty wild! How does your live set different from your recorded stuff? 

Jess: I think were actually really trying to do as much as we can live that is on the record. We do a couple of covers live, some we have recorded, some we haven’t and it gets pretty wild. We love crazy crowds! Their energy feeds on us and then we get crazy

I really like how your video “Guy Like You,” is kind of like an alt-tour video. Do you have any special tour regimens that are a must while on the road?

Jess: I feel like every tour is different and you kind of discover your regimens through out the tour. On almost every tour I  have been on, there always ends up being some kind of funny group sing a long song we will make up after a crazy night and we will just start screaming it in the back of the van, and then it becomes like the tour theme song!

I love that, as sisters, you guys are so supportive of each other (I’ve also been blessed with having the raddest sister/BFF – it rules, haha). What advice would you give girls or girl musicians to support each other?

Jess: We are so supportive and just want the best for each other. There are a lot of different personalities out there, and being in a band you have to deal with that, and I think it’s best to just stay true to your self, know your self and what you want, but also to be open with other peoples characteristics and just embrace it!

What’s next on the horizon for Bleached?

Jess: We are getting ready to go back into the studio and record our 2nd LP!! Super excited!

You can catch Bleached live this Friday headlining at the Echoplex with Zig Zags, Audacity, L.A. Witch, and DJ Shannon Cornett. Pick up your tickets for the show below and come ready to rock out with the Bleached babes!