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An Exclusive Interview with the Queen of Accidental Art, Brittney Scott! An Exclusive Interview with the Queen of Accidental Art, Brittney Scott!

An Exclusive Interview with the Queen of Accidental Art, Brittney Scott!

September 3rd, 2014

An Exclusive Interview with the Queen of Accidental Art, Brittney Scott!


The question “what is art?” has plagued faux-intellectual trustfunders and your culty art teacher since the first misshapen horse-creatures appeared on cave walls during the dawn of man. Every special snowflake has their own idea of what art means to them, yet every so often, an artist comes along whose work challenges everyone‘s set notions of beauty, form, and expression with their work.

Today’s challenge comes in the form of Brittney Scott, a street and app artist out of L.A. who’s ascended the stairway to infamy thanks to her crude, childlike computer sketches that look more like a toddler’s first encounter with markers than something you’d find hanging in a gallery. Purists everywhere have been pissing themselves looking her work, balking that its simplicity could ever bear the label of “art,” but … that’s exactly what makes it great.

Perhaps more than anyone right now, she’s provoking the definition of art with her intentionally puerile, impressionistic MS Paint drawings. Tackling important subject matter like tacos, computer desktops and disembodied cartoon heads, she invites you to to question what you think art is, provided that you take what she does with a grain of salt.

Sometimes called an “accidental artist,” due to her unintentional ascension to virality, her simple style, internet-y persona, and “Don’t take me too seriously, asshole” attitude caught our eye for its defiance of archetype, so we sat her down to get to the bottom of her mystique.

Oh, and to maintain the integrity of Brittney’s amazing internet persona, we’re not correcting her English or capitalize shit. Good talk.

Walk us through the process of creating your art. Do you think about it a lot or just wing it?

when i draw stuff or make stuff its whenever i feel like it and for however long until im over it

What inspires you?

good ppl. lil b, bruce jenner, skrillex, internet, life

Describe how you got into making this kind of art, pretty please.

i draw things on my phone. downloaded drawing app n jus started doodling

If you had to give your style of art a name, what would it be?

other ppl say “ms paint-style” so, sure but i guess generally it  just pop art or something

Do you have a favorite piece?

i like every person i have drawn. i like the food ones. i like the zedd one a lot


What do you say to people who take art too seriously?

nothing idc

Your art is controversial, because some people don’t think it’s “art.” First of all, fuck them. Second of all, what is “art” to you?

art is w/e any1 want it 2 be. art is whatever makes ppl feel

In a few interviews, you’re referred to as an “accidental artist.” What do you think of that image? Will you try to maintain it?

i think when things go viral, it’s an accident. i guess i slightly went “viral.” if i continue 2 pursue “art” it’s not an accident anymore. it would be tite 2 me if can maintain “Artist” title I guess idk

What is it about your art that you think people respond to?

i think ppl understand that i like 2 be funny. i feel like ppl respond 2 the silliness and i guess like how dumb and obvious it is

At your art show, you brought visitors inside your computer desktop. What’s the lure of internet/ computer culture to you?

i like the accessibility of information online and i like observing how ppl act on social media

You do graffiti too, which is cool because street art and internet are becoming increasingly inter-meshed. What are your thoughts on the growing virality of street art?

Street art is cool cos u can do whatever u want. the internet is nice 2 have so others can access ur street art since u kno, not every1 in same place

If you could do anything with your art, what would it be?

i want 2 do installations and design stages/sets for music festies

You famously love the internet. What’s your favorite website? What would you do with yourself if the internet didn’t exist?

i love twitter. ppl say funny things. without the internet, id prob read more and linger animals n nature

What invention does humankind desperately need?

backscratcher already exists

What’s your texting pet peeve?

“k” … or when ppl wanna have long intense convo

Who are you listening to right now?

spotify top 40 pop

Let’s pretend we’re in the future, drinking Zima out of floating bubble glasses. What does social media look like?

we all prob wearing google glass and able to access whoever in ur network POV/facetime

Say Drake sends you this text “Hey bb, I wanna luv u down.” What’s your response?

sus. i prob say lol hi wyd. i dont wanna do drake but maybe frenship

What’s next for you?

more art. hmu 2 collab/work/party

See more art, collaborations, and everything you wanted and more at Brittney’s site.

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