fbpx Exclusive Premiere: angela&bryanna's Hilarious "Thirsty Bitch" Video – IHEARTCOMIX
September 28th, 2015

angela&bryanna thirsty bitch music video premiere

Ultra-sexy NYC pop duo angela&bryanna have christened themselves the “female version of 2 Live Crew.” That’s not a comparison to take lightly, but with their witty lyrics and mix of ’80s break beats, ’90s R&B and modern electro, we’re gonna let them get away with it.

Known to their minions as “fly girls in HD” and to Cosmo magazine as “fun, fearless females,” the leather-and-spandex clad pair has already performed their upbeat dance beats and groovy take on hip hop on legendary New York stages alongside greats like Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and A Tribe Called Quest. Sardonic pelvic thrusting and smooth gyrations onstage paired with their high-energy crowd participation keeps the audience in a trance;¬† these¬†smart-mouthed, humorously-inclined babes know how to please the crowd and keep them wanting more. It’s not often that you’ll find a girl group as hilariously entertaining as angela&bryanna, and it’s even less frequent for a group like this to make music that stands up to their personalities. They’re rare birds, but they’re rare birds we need more of.

That’s why today, we’re thrusting our own pelvises in excitement, because we’re bringing you the exclusive premiere of the brand new video for their track “Thirsty Bitch.”

Inspired by desperate, obsessive male objects who always slink up to them after they perform looking for action, angela&bryanna wrote “Thirsty Bitch” as a way of poking fun at their man groupies.

The video, which takes a mighty strong stance against bitches that are thirsty, was directed by wiley, and features Jiana Davis from America’s Next Top Model as Thirsty Client #2. Jiana’s so thirsty in this, she’s clinically dehyrdrated, you guys. Pray for her.

“We basically wanted to make a comedic video, and came up with the fantasy idea of a matchmaking service,” a&b told us over email. “The company called “Thirst Quenchers” provides a service where women (and men) can nonchalantly get some eye candy action.”

In this case, the eye candy is Marco, an Old Spice commercial-worthy specimen of sexiness who’s hired by Thirst Quenchers to lifeguard at the beach. As various Thirsty Clients try to win him over, he shoots them down whilst his caramel skin and regrettable tattoos glisten in the sun. As you’ll see in the video, there’s a fine line between sexy and embarrassing and the Thirsty Bitches in the video are out to walk it as they vie for Marco’s meaty manhood. In the end, Marco sees a girl walk down the beach who’s just a regular old dime piece, not a Thirsty Bitch, and he chases after her. The moral of the story? Don’t be a Thirsty Bitch. Don’t do it, man.

Peep the vid, and have some electrolyte-y liquid handy in case you get parched.

You can find the “Thirsty Bitch” single on iTunes, Amazon & SoundCloud now, and if you need things to look forward to in your life, angela&bryanna’s upcoming “Thirsty Bitch” remix EP will feature Kenny Summit and Alexander Technique, Mike Dextro and DJ Your Honor.