fbpx Exclusive Premiere: Bür Gür's Happily Murderous "Green Sauce" Video – IHEARTCOMIX
April 6th, 2016

Bür Gür (not Burger, gross) is Makan Negahban and Corbin Clarke, childhood friends who decided to start making tropical-ish psych-pop while living together in Santa Cruz, California.  They’re now based in Los Angeles and have been recording music and steadily touring for the last few years.

Today, we’re excited to premiere the video for their song “Green Sauce,” which comes to us from their brand-new sophomore album, Have You Lost Your Faith In God? (out now on New Los Angeles).  The track is one of the most energetic cuts off the album, and its bright, approachably hallucinogenic melody had us dancing in the office the second we heard it. No word yet as to what sort of green sauce is being discussed here, but my hope is for the green Tabasco or a nice kale pesto. Perhaps a chimichurri? Only time will tell.

When asked about the song, Makan told us, “Corbin was working on the beat and instrumentals and I came over and jammed out the guitar lick. We sat on the song for a long time and one day I took the demo and properly recorded the guitar line and the vocals. After that, we hunkered down and majorly produced the track from there. It’s a song that really means a lot to us. We all have in us a desire to fit in and be a part of a group, and I often find that fulfilling desire conflicts with living authentically. Green Sauce addresses the value of being true to yourself, no matter what the social ramifications are. It’s about championing authenticity in the face of isolation.” Again, not exactly sure what flavor of green sauce captures this magic … I don’t know if you’ve ever had salsa verde but it’s a strong contender.

Matt Garza directed the music video, and he told us that when the final cut was completed, he found it to have a wonderful blend of buoyancy and melancholy. They worked to create this mood by showing feelings of solitude and disconnect amidst a celebratory environment, and it doesn’t hurt that there’s a beautiful woman’s head floating in a bathtub of blood in there too. She’s got some red sauce for sure.

Check it out, and when you’re done with your checking outing, go see Bür Gür live tonight at The Airliner in L.A.

Have You Lost Your Faith In God? is available now via all digital retailers, as well as on CD and cassette tape over at New Los Angeles (newlos.com).