Exclusive Premiere: D.Wing’s “Blade Runner”-Inspired “Los Angeles 2019” Mixtape

May 31st, 2016

Exclusive Premiere: D.Wing’s “Blade Runner”-Inspired “Los Angeles 2019” Mixtape

If you’ve ever watched Blade Runner and felt the raw, cold sensuality of a dystopian future starring Harrison Ford give you a slight tingle in your pantalones, then you’ve got an idea of what singer/songwriter D.Wing‘s mixtape “Los Angeles 2019” sounds like.

exclusive premiere d wing los angeles 2019 mixtape

Half production still from Ridley Scott’s classic film Blade Runner and half dark R&B siren song of rainy, futuristic romance, “Los Angeles 2o19” uses snippets from the classic Vangelis score re-imagined through the gritty production of Tim K (Tiny Hearts).

On the mixtape. D.Wing explores themes of “inter-special romance and the star-crossed lovelorn,” and with some sonic assistance from DEDE of Tiny Hearts, rapper Micah James and a few tracks from Fischer King, his vision of what I can only imagine is a sexual robot future easily comes to life.

This tech noir idea of love is characteristic for D.Wing, whose unorthodox take on R&B has him experimenting with less-than-terrestrial production performed with a courageous sincerity that draws out the rawest of earthling emotions. You can blame this on his early obsession with ’90s artists Tevin Campbell, Immature, Zhane and Shai, artists who dispatched the young singer onto a quest from which he couldn’t yield. Years later, he’s making R&B that sounds a lot less Marvin Gaye and a lot more Genetically Engineered Human Replicant With a Penchant for Seducing Harrison Ford. Kinda awesome.

blade runner 2

And when he’s not making space sex music (like the kind in “Good 4 U,” which we premiered last year), he’s collaborating on various other artistic projects; his latest has him working with Ryan McKevley, who used D.Wing’s lyrics as part of a collage zine he just made, that of which you can check out here.

Listen to the mixtape below: