fbpx Exclusive Premiere: "Last Minute" (Groundislava Remix) by Kitty – IHEARTCOMIX
February 25th, 2015


Hi guys, it’s me, Kitty (: I’m turning 22 today, and here is my gift 2 u.

I’m very excited and proud to present to ya’ll the second remix from my upcoming remix EP: a cute lil’ collection of remixes by some close friends of mine of my November EP, Frostbite.

This Groundislava remix is especially close to my heart, because GIL is bae to me. ‘Last Minute’ is an especially personal song for me; one of the first melodies I ever wrote. I love the darkness and intrigue this remix adds to it.


Check out the Jai Wolf remix of ‘Miss U,’ released last week via NEST HQ, and look out for the full remix EP coming soon.

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