Exclusive Premiere: LIMBS’ “Don’t Stay” Single and Music Video

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limbs don't stay exclusive premiere

Today, we’re excited to premiere the debut single and music video from LIMBS, a brand new experimental indie-pop duo consisting of LA-based producer Kevin Abdella and Brooklyn vocalist Kim Mayo.  Although they live 20,392,936 miles away from each other, they’ve managed to collaborate trans-continentally and their dark love song “Don’t Stay” and its music video are the impressive culmination of their working creatively parted.

For a first effort, the track and the video are remarkably well-produced, showing none of typical “we’re still figuring this out” signs of a nascent project. The video is polished and gorgeously choreographed, and the song exhibits the kind of moving emotional undertones that only come from experience and coherent vision.

“Kevin brought me a skeleton of the song when we were still in college in Boston together, and the beginnings of the lyrics came about from a series of poems that I was writing at the time,” Kim told us about the origins of “Don’t Stay.””Some time passed where we didn’t touch it for awhile (Kevin moved home to LA, and I moved to Brooklyn) and then one day Kev called me up and asked if I wanted to finish what we’d started. We’ve been working for the past couple years cross-country, and we’re just really thankful that the phone (he’s the only person I pick up the phone for besides my parents and my bros without lots of millennial phone angst) and Skype/ email allowed us to continue making this thing, bringing it to completion.”

As for the video, Kim told us, “We were really lucky to find director Shiouwen [Hong], and we think the video really complements what we were aiming to convey. The song on the surface level is a breakup song, but it really is about finding inner strength to let go of situations in our lives that are stifling inner growth. The video beautifully illustrates the idea of inner struggle, and we hope that people will come away with a sense of growth from both the song and video.”

LIMBS is continuing their new material hot streak with a six-track EP set to release April 1st. It’s set to feature drummer Jamire Williams, percussionist Allakoi Peete, and pianist Steven Gordon, all people who we’re guessing compliment Kevin and Kim’s harmonic chemistry. And most excitingly, you can see them live in Los Angeles at The Lyric Theater, also on April 1st.

Watch the video below, then scroll down for the song’s Soundcloud player and a free download of “Don’t Stay.”

For a free download of “Don’t Stay,” go here.

LIMBS’ management can be reached here.


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